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Pink Feathers

Hi Love!

Welcome to my shop & a little piece of my pink world. Here you will find vintage, handmade and customized items. As a lover of Juicy Couture since the early 2000's I like to think of myself as the Juicy Fairy Godmother bringing back to life the classic iconic bags with a bit more sparkle. All my vintage items are unique one of a kind pieces that aren't made anymore so there is no guarantee I will have it again. The "plastic" side of things are my inspired bags that are a dupe which I customize in a way that only you will have one of!  All my items are made with the highest quality cut crystals that sparkle even in the dullest of light. The rest of my pieces are designs handmade by me. I want almost everything I sell to have a small touch of me in it, even my vintage items I do not customize are only things I myself would find in my own closet. As a girl who grew up at the prime of the early - mid 2000's era I love reliving and finding the timeless designs for you all that bring back so much Nostalgia ! 

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